Costa Rica: Quality Healthcare and Nature within your reach

Every year, millions of people travel abroad looking for professional medical and dental services. Medical tourism is no longer just a means to save money on a plastic surgery; for millions of uninsured and underinsured people, it has become the only solution to their health problems.

Costa Rica has become, without a doubt, one of the privileged destinations for this wave of patients. Our country is rated 36th out of 191 nations in the quality of health care systems. Furthermore, it has two medical centers that have received the Joint Commission International Accreditation, more than thirty ambulatory (plastic, dental, ophthalmology, and general surgery) facilities accredited under US standards (like AAAASF and AAAHC) and the “PROMED” Seal of Quality making sure foreign patients receive an excellent level of care.

Its strategic location, political and financial stability, good quality of life, cutting edge medical technology, and affordable prices (one third thank in the US) make of Costa Rica one of the best countries to visit for medical tourism in the entire world. Every year more than 50.000 American patients come to this country to seek medical and dental attention.

Costa Rica’s health conditions are the result of the commitment of the Government to make health and education a top priority – both in the public and in the private sector. The health indexes for Costa Rica are at the same level as those found in the United States, and are, without a doubt, the best in Latin America. Life expectancy is the highest in the region: at 78, it equals the life expectancy of the United States.

Costa Rica has first class hospital facilities and a highly qualified, internationally trained, bilingual medical corps. Patients can count on a clear legal supportive environment that protects them and also provides with the ability to take their cases to conciliation and arbitration that is executed quickly, with neutrality, and with specialization in conflicts that are based on medical issues.

And last but not least, the country offers the best place to recover from a surgery but also to enjoy a wellness experience. Quiet hills, sunny beaches or magnificent volcanoes are part of a unique environment blessed by Mother Nature where travellers can relax, recover, detox, sleep, meditate, loose weight, eat healthy…


For any additional information about accredited hospitals, certified doctors or any other aspects about medical travel you can contact PROMED ( at: US (786) 468-7570 or Costa Rica (506) 2201-5263 or by email