1. Carry a color copy of your passport with you at all times, and keep the original in your hotel’s security box, along with other important documents.
  2. Know where you’re going, and memorize the route ahead of time.
  3. Always be alert and observe what’s going on around you. We recommend that you do not carry large amounts of cash with you, and that you leave any valuables in your room’s safety deposit box.
  4. If another driver tells you that there’s something wrong with your car or that someone is following you, do not stop. Continue driving until you reach the nearest public place and, if you deem it necessary, ask a police officer for help.
  5. Emergency vehicle and police lights are always red and blue; do not stop for any other color flashing lights.
  6. If you get lost, look for a public place, such as a gas station, to check your map or ask for directions.
  7. Keep your doors and windows locked while driving, and also when you park the car.
  8. Always park your car in a well lit location, and look around you before entering the vehicle. Remember to put all valuables in the trunk, glove compartment or other spot out of sight.
  9. Do not stop for hitchhikers.
  10. Only use ATMs in well lit locations, take your money quickly and count it later.
  11. When using an ATM or public telephone, do not leave the motor running or the keys in the car.
  12. When walking through the city with your purse, camera, or briefcase hold it tightly in front of your body, and make sure that it is closed.
  13. If a mugger confronts you, give him what he wants. Remember that your life and safety are worth more than your belongings.
  14. If you take a taxi, verify that it is official by checking that it has yellow triangles on its doors and a rate meter in the front seat. If you are going out at night, ask your hotel’s receptionist to call you a taxi from a reliable company.
  15. If your car gets rear­ended, DO NOT stop in the middle of the road or pull over to the side. Drive to the nearest public place and ask a police officer for assistance.
  16. If you use an ATM, make sure that the surrounding area is well lit. Count your money inside a closed and locked vehicle, and make sure your windows are shut.
  17. If you suspect that someone is following you, go to the nearest well lit public place and call the police.
  18. In case of emergency, dial 911 from any telephone.

General Emergencies: 911.