Central Bank Museums

While the National Theater is the epitome of the 19th century, the Central Bank Museums building is an architectural, urban planning and engineering milestone of the 20th century. Hailed in 2012 as one of best among 800 building around the world, it was featured in the Atlas of World Architecture published by England’s Phaidon Press.

The tour of the building is part of the museum experience itself, so pay close attention to the details, such as its precious timber, the Guanacaste marble floors throughout the museums, the spiraling staircase that connects all three floors, the light that comes in through the ceiling, and its textured walls.

A tour of the Central Bank Museums offers a glimpse into the many aspects of Costa Rican identity. Its space and exhibitions offer a stimulating atmosphere for all five senses. Don’t forget to step by our Gift Store on your way out. Its ample range of products capture the museum-going experience.

Our museums are open from 9:15 am to 5:00 pm. Admission for foreign visitors is $11. The Central Bank Museums are a must for any tourist visiting San José.

Address: Below Plaza de la Cultura, between Central and 2nd Ave and 3rd and 5th St.

Telephone: 2243 4202

Website: www.museosdelbancocentral.org

Costa Rica Museums

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