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Hotel Paraíso Carlisa

1 km al norte de los Angeles, a 20 kilómetros antes de Parrita, direccion a Puriscal

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Hotel Description

Our boutique hotel was created to provide a unique experience far from overdevelopment and as close as possible to Nature. Our guests can enjoy the astonishing diversity of the wildlife by following our tracks through the tropical jungle and observing the many birds, little mammals such as monkeys, raccoons, and coatis and even the larger felines and dear. There are also a wide variety of butterflies, such as the stunning Blue Morpho and reptiles in the likes of the green iguana and a myriad of birds, herons, oropendolas, parrots, toucans and macaws, and many more! World-known ornithologists have cataloged 280 different species within our private Natural Park at Costa Rica.