Although Costa Rica is the third-smallest country in Central America – it occupies just 19,691 square miles (51,000 square kilometers) – the country is home to 5% of the planet’s biodiversity and has become an attractive tourist destination for visitors from around the world.

Within our boundaries, you will find countless eco-tourism attractions, adventure sports, cultural events and many opportunities for relaxation.

From the most active volcano, to a tour through the forest canopy, to a jaunt along foaming river rapids – Costa Rica has it all. Scuba diving, canyoning, hiking, motorcycling, ATV tours, and mountain climbing are some of the other activities that challenge tourists during their stay in Costa Rica.

In addition, our natural treasures make the country an ideal destination for family vacations. Together, you will enjoy exploring the depths of our tropical jungles.

Costa Rica also offers a wide range of options – museums, theaters, movie theaters and recreational centers – to ensure that all family members enjoy their visit

Canopy Tours

This is one of the most well known activities in Costa Rica. A network of pulleys and suspended cables allow visitors to fly though the air, from one treetop platform to the other, while enjoying some of the natural beauty our country has to offer.

In Costa Rica, you will find a wide variety of canopy tour options, which are also known as zip line tours.

This is a unique experience, and one that cannot be missed during your stay here

Whitewater Rafting

Adrenaline and excitement are elevated to the extreme when you tackle Costa Rican rapids with just your raft and a paddle. The Pacuare, Reventazón, Sarapiquí and many other rivers await your visit.

Rafting is an extreme sport that consists of “steering” a raft through river currents. We always recommend that tourists take a guided whitewater rafting tour.

Costa Rica is home to the Pacuare River, one of the world’s most famous whitewater rafting rivers. The 2011 World Rafting Championship took place on the Pacuare River.

Rappelling and Canyoning

As part of its adventure packages, Costa Rica also offers rappelling and canyoning. These two activities are very similar, and are equally enjoyable. They are also very safe for tourists.

Both activities incorporate vertical descents, aided by cables and pulleys, down to a flat surface. The difference is that rappelling is done on dry land, while canyoning involves downward climbs through waterfalls or other cascading waters.


Cruises are vacations onboard passenger ships, and stop at many destinations around the world. Costa Rica is one such port of call.

Our country is a stop for many luxury cruise ships, and you may choose from our varied day excursions, which depart from both the Pacific coast and our Caribbean port.


Costa Rica’s beaches and waves are famous around the world. The scenic beauty of our coasts combines with perfect surfing conditions, and this aquatic sport has become one of the country’s most renowned activities.

Surfing consists of sliding over the ocean’s waves while standing and balancing on a surfboard. It is an exciting challenge for both beginners and professionals.